History of the Series

Oliver Webber playing violin and Eligio Quinteiro playing theorbo, sitting in front of harpsichord
Oliver Webber and Eligio Quinteiro, playing with Passacaglia in 2014

The Workshop Series began in 1991 under the artistic direction of Paul Simmonds and Marianne Mezger, assisted by Malcolm Rose and Karin Richter. The first concert was given by Paul and Marianne as Duo Basiliensis, on 14th September 1991.

A further 94 concerts took place up to 2008, with performers ranging from newly qualified professionals through to well-established figures in the early music world. The clavichord recital given by Gustav Leonhardt on 24th April 1999 will be remembered by many as a particular high point. A memorable concert given by Derek Adlam on 5th February 1994 gave the impetus for the formation of the British Clavichord Society. A full list of performers can be found below.

In 2008 artistic directorship passed to Robin Bigwood and Annabel Knight, and in 2015 to Alison Bury and Dick Earle.

The ‘early music’ focus remains the same, with unusual and historical instruments given a warm welcome. There have been concerts featuring, for example, the mandolin, dulcimer, hurdy-gurdy, musette, flageolet, pantalon clavichord, clavicytherium, anglo concertina and viola d’amore. Also, the workshop’s prime function, that of a harpsichord and clavichord making workshop, has allowed artists to utilise a number of newly-restored original keyboards instruments, as well as expertly-constructed reproductions.

Performers, 1991-2008

Derek Adlam
Paul Agnew
Tessa Bonner
Colin Booth
Hendrik Bouman
David Breitman
Risa Browder
Alison Bury
Lucy Carolan
Penelope Cave
Carole Cerasi
Charivari Agréable
Circa 1500
Maggic Cole
Menno van Delft
Steven Devine
Duo al Dente
Duo Basiliensis
Duo Dorado
Richard Earle
Aapo Häkkinen
Rachel Harris
Jacob Heringman
Robert Howarth
Robin Jeffrey
James Johnstone
Elizabeth Kenny
Gustav Leonhardt
Harold Lester
Nathalie Leuenberger
Joanna Levine
Mark Levy
Catherine Martin
Annemarie Mayr
Henrique Meissner
Marianne Mezger
Charlotte Munro
Paul Nicholson
David Owen Norris
Eero Palviainen
Nicholas Parle
Claire-Anne Piguet
David Pollock
Thomas Ragossnig
Jean-Pierre Rasle
Deborah Roberts
Anthony Rooley
Shirley Rumsey
Katrina Russell
Almut Schlicker
Marco Schmidt
Paul Simmonds
Geoff Smith
Joel Speerstra
Alison Stephens
Hilary Stock
Svetlana Stoyanovic
Taro Takeuchi
Alessandra Testai
Colin Tilney
Trio Basiliensis
Evelyn Tubb
Jory Vinikour
Matthew Wadsworth
Jennifer Ward-Clarke
Ekkehard Weber
Ulrike Wildenhof
Christopher Wilson
Robert Woolley
Douglas Wootton
Sophie Yates

Performers, 2008-2015

The Artisans
Bardos Band
David Breitman
Carole Cerasi
Alison Bury & Maggie Cole
Cembalo Doppio
Jane Chapman
Terence Charlston
Charme du Hautbois
Dapper’s Delight
Steven Devine & Kate Semmens
Emerald Baroque
Ensemble DeNOTE
Frances Kelly
Annabel Knight
Dan Laurin & Anna Paradiso
London Baroque
Nathaniel Mander
Jennifer Morsches & Robin Bigwood
Giulia Nuti
Naomi Okuda & Howard Beach
Julian Perkins
Poeticall Musicke
Paul Simmonds
Tilman Skowroneck
Miklós Spányi
Crispian Steele-Perkins
Suona Senta
The Telling
Alessandra Testai & Robin Jeffrey
Trio Goya
Kenneth Weiss